Thursday, March 12, 2020

How to be a Homebody

A lot of people know I'm an introvert and I absolutely love just staying home. I've been stuck at home since before new year and only ventured out when I went back to Singapore last January. I only go out to go to work, attend my PT sessions, attend check-ups and occasionally go to the grocery. With more cases being confirmed Sweetie has become stricter with my outdoor activities. It's for my own good since I'm in the high risk tier.

One of our Miggy check-in photos.

Anyway, I can stay home and never get bored. I do get cabin fever, but PT sessions and swimming help release pent up energy. Declaring March as maker month for myself has also helped me cope. Here's what I've been doing to keep myself busy at home:

(1) Blog - this is actually the first time that I've blogged continuously for more than two months. If you look at the list on the right side of this blog, I've blogged everyday since January first. I don't really plan what to write, the ideas come when I open Blogger. Besides, I have 10 years worth of travel blog backlog I can always go back to and I have a lot of content from my hobbies I can write about too.

(2) Vlog - I resurrected my video blog originally to vlog about travels, but since that's not happening I shifted it to teaching my son how to cook/bake. I also have a lot of video clips from way back. This is why I backed up all my data from 10+ years worth of CDs hehe.

(3) Quilt - I haven't done much, but I have a number of projects I need to finish. I also need to make a new sleeve for my Chromebook.

(4) De-clutter - we're moving soon so we've started to reduce stuff. Still a long way to go in this department.

(5) Cook and bake - I try to cook 2 to 3 times a week so we could avoid buying from outside. It's kinda challenging though to prepare a menu in advance since ordering groceries online hasn't been very reliable. Have you seen my milk and cheese cupcake vlog?

(6) Read - I have a gazillion books waiting to be read.

(7) Swim - as required by my doctor. I swim at least twice a week.

(8) Happiness project - creating photo albums for printing. I just need to finish the cover of my happiness project and I'll get it printed soon.

(9) Watch Netflix/YouTube - it's so easy to not do anything else and just watch TV haha.

(10) Sleep - conking out on the couch is not a rare occurrence.

Between work and doing chores there's not much time left to do anything else, but staying home has helped reduce stress and give my body the rest it needs. This is what old happy me needed. :)

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