Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keeping Safe: Staying and Working from Home in Singapore

I know my family has been pretty worried about us since we're so far away from home. Last Friday I thought I'd make a record of how our day goes on a workday. It's very busy, but we still have to make time to eat and take some breaks in between meetings. This period has been very busy for both me and Sweetie and we had to make adjustments when they were also required to work from home.

We had a preview of this set-up last year when Sweetie had knee surgery. When he told me that they were going to start working from home I immediately said that we should have separate work spaces. Me at the dining table and him in Miggy's old room (which is filling out with stuff since we're preparing to move soon).

Here are some tips if you have to work from home -

(1) Separate work areas if there's more than one person working from home. This is important especially if you have video meetings.

(2) Hydrate - keep a water bottle beside you.

(3) Be prepared to make quick meals. My seatmate oftentimes ping me to remind me to eat! My lunch usually slides down to 3-4pm (which is bad!). We're lucky if we have leftovers from the night before.

(4) Exercise - my physiotherapist gave me a list of exercises I can do at home. This helps with my overall wellbeing.

(5) Be positive - the thing that would make you sick real quick is thinking negative thoughts. Being grateful helps keep your mind and heart positive. If you encounter negativity, treat it with kindness. Don't every hold on to the negative feeling because this will make your immune system weak.

Have a happy work week!

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