Monday, March 23, 2020

The Last Stretch of March

Oh wow and just like that March is almost over. I've been so busy at work I've lost tract of what day it is already. Our circumstances are so different today compared when this month started. Back home family and friends are experiencing the enhanced community quarantine.

My Mom's beautiful garden. Wish I could visit it soon.

Our barangay recently distributed a quarantine pass for each household. My Mom has been okay and just staying at home. The son is just also home too. I was so scared last week because there was a confirmed case just below our floor and I was so worried for my Mom when she did a surprise visit. Good thing the property management office shared that the other household members tested negative for the coronavirus, which meant the person infected was no longer in the premises when my Mom visited Miggy.

And beautiful Singapore. We're here but only going out for essential stuff. 

I've been trying to order groceries for them online so they can avoid going out. I also worry about my Mom's helper who's been going out since she might pick up something outside and bring it back to my Mom. I would have preferred if we were all together in one place during this time.

Missing Mom a lot!

I thought things were going to get better this month and I had planned this to be my maker month. I've been able to cook and bake a bit more this month and have posted videos of some of the recipes. I hope to bake more too, but everyone's working from home, so if I bake cookies I probably need to time it when Sweetie goes to the office.

Cookies anyone?

I haven't done any quilting yet since I've been working longer hours and blogging takes up a lot of time too. The next few weekends will also be busy since we're looking for a new home to transfer to. Our lease is finishing up soon and we decided to move in another area where the air quality is better during haze season.

I think a realization for all of us is how we have taken our liberty for granted. Who would have thought that we'd all be put in this situation now. I'm just reminding myself that God only gives us problems we can bear. Each day we are in this situation reveals a lesson to be learned.

How are you? Please leave a comment about your situation :)

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