Sunday, March 8, 2020

Banaue a Long Time Ago

I spent more than half the day yesterday scanning documents and putting stuff on the cloud. I also uploaded photos from 2004 and 2005. I have this crazy archive of photos I backed up last January. It's been a pleasure to see what I had been up to fifteen years ago.

My best friend and I had a start-up and we had the vision to help Filipino businesses get their wares online. Armed with lakas ng loob we visited two of our clients in Banaue. We were so naive back then we thought we could go to Banaue, do our business and then head to Baguio to spend the night. They explained to us the only way to get to Baguio was to go down the mountain and pass the other way to Baguio. Our customer generously took us in for a night. Back then Google Maps didn't exist!

We were working, but we had so much fun discovering Banaue. To get to our customer we had to cross this long bridge. My best friend hated it and I loved it. Our customer encouraged us to walk around and we ended up gate-crashing a wedding. It was interesting to witness a wedding where the bride was the one waiting at the altar. They explained to us that it was the culture there. We did a lot of walking that day and took in the simple life they had in Banaue.

The 12-hour bus ride was nothing compared to our trip back to Manila. We had to rush back because I had to be at Miggy's school the next day. We ended up squeezing in a jeepney to get down from the mountain. It was like a roller coaster ride and we thought we wouldn't make it back alive. The next challenge was finding a bus back to Manila. I don't even remember where we got off from the jeepney. The other passengers just told us to get off there so we can transfer to a bus.

That's the long bridge we crossed.

Those were the days me and my best friend would just go wherever spontaneously. We just grabbed the opportunity to meet a customer and help them put their products online. We were lucky that our clients took care of us when they realized we didn't have a place to stay. Nowadays it's much easier to plan a trip since you can get information online easily. I miss those days though when I could just go wherever without planning everything.  

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