Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Months

Our third month started without much fanfare. Things seemed to settle down nicely and my asthma attacks rapidly reduced when my parents cut their vacation short. The attacks were caused by stress of having to manage two households. We finally managed to get our groove back and started managing our home better. (The secret is Mom's cleaning lady who comes in half a day once a week).

No more mishaps! Or so we thought.

By mid-month we were faced with the most disgusting home problem, a septic tank that was probably ready to blow up. The drain at our first floor bathroom was bubbling up the grossest debris imaginable. Thanks to Maynilad and our land lady, the problem was fixed within a few days.

We enjoyed the rest of the month though. The boys ran their first marathon during the Unilab Wellness Run and the rest of the month was spent preparing version 2 of dishes, puttering around the garden with Mom, squeezed in some time to go to Tagaytay, and playing Plants vs. Zombies as a family! Whew! The septic tank problem was as nerve wracking as the washing machine and smokin' sink issues, but I'd say these are just tiny things that make married life more exciting.

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