Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heat Exhaustion

Summer came really early this year. We started feeling it last January when we usually use blankets until middle of February. The past two weeks have been unbearable hot and I've really tried to stay out of the sun.

Last Sunday though I had the misfortune of being under the sun for a few minutes. It was midday and we were at the parking lot at The Fort. I stayed under a tree while waiting for Sweetie and his Dad fix some stuff in the car. It was unbearably hot so I put a towel on my head. After awhile we had lunch, but experienced the heat again when we walked back to the car (why doesn't The Fort have shaded walkways anyway?). (I should've brought an umbrella!).

Things started going bad on the way home. I felt dizzy and very hot even with the car aircon. Immediately dressed up in cooler clothes when we got home and turned the aircon on. I still felt very hot and felt that heat was trapped inside my body. It was a terrible feeling and I eventually lost my lunch. I felt a bit better after that but still felt nauseous. I wasn't able to hear mass too since my body felt really heavy.

In the evening I did some research on Google and found out that I was probably experiencing heat exhaustion. I got scared since people with heart problems are more prone to it. It took more than a day, lots of water and rest before I felt well.

I usually bring a water bottle with me whenever I go out. I guess the heat is just really unbearable (PAGASA has recorded the past week to be the hottest in the past 40 years!) and it's better to stay indoors (not even under the shade, but INDOORS) until the rainy season sets in.

So much for going to the beach. Sniff.

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