Monday, March 1, 2010

Domesticated Goddess

I wonder what March has in store for me. January and February passed in a blur since it was filled with activities and new adventures! I don't know how I managed to fit in a trip to Singapore, Tagaytay and Davao in those two months. I also remember smoking up three things at home: Sweetie's vacuum cleaner (only because it was in storage for the longest time), our electric stove (first time to turn it on!) and our sink. I hope that since it's the last month of the quarter I don't smoke up anything else.

The past 2 months flew by because of all the changes since I got married. I didn't really notice New Year (because I was sulking over my "lost passport") and Valentine's, I guess because I have been on cloud nine. What has drastically changed though is the fact that my lifestyle has totally changed. Sweetie pointed this out to me yesterday. He said, "Isn't it before we married you usually go out for lunch and then take naps on Sunday afternoons?" Yup, those were the happy days when I lived with my parents. 

One of the things I dreaded about getting married is chores. I always wondered how my Mom managed to cope in the past 50 years she's been married. She did things without any effort (well except cooking) and didn't have to consult my Dad on a lot of things. While I usually consult the hubby and if doesn't know anything about it I ask friends or turn to Google and Youtube for tips and tricks. Thank God for the internet!

It's funny really how we started our new home with boxes all over the place. We slept on the floor for a few nights until we realized we had a bed frame and just need to buy a mattress! Then we fed on canned goods and leftovers for a few weeks. Experienced a dancing washing machine. Eliminated 98% of cockroaches. Had a pesky domestic problem. Cat problems. And the list goes on, but I can proudly say I am on my way to becoming a domesticated goddess. Something that my best friends, Darwin, Anne and Tappy, never imagined would happen. They will probably do cartwheels when they see this post. 

People change and it really depends on one's priorities. 

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