Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tenant Be Good, Tenant Be Bad

My frustration level rose up several notches last Monday when my Network Magic detected an intruder in our wifi network. I promptly blocked off the intruder and realized that I needed to protect our home wifi network from being leeched. We keep it open because we use different types of devices with different OS' so we've been using Network Magic to keep the buggers out.

Tuesday came and I was still quite annoyed at the intruder, so I spent some time cleaning up the network map and securing our network. My attention was soon taken by our first floor bathroom. For some strange reason septic tank debris was coming in through the shower area drain. It was really disgusting to clean up. Several hours passed and it happened again. Cleaned it up immediately since my Mom was visiting to help us out with re-potting the plants. Soon after she used the toilet almost 2 inches worth of debris bubbled up from the drain. I felt like I was in Dante's Inferno (the third circle). Good thing that the water subsided after dinner so it was easier to clean up the shower floor (thank God for long brush brooms!).

I could not help but feel bad for my 80-year old landlady. She's my Mom's friend and her daughter went to school with my Ate. She is such a sweet Tita and has been a caring landlady. Sweetie and I decided to start renting the place before the wedding because we wanted to start moving stuff. Our landlady tried to have everything fixed before we moved, but she had difficulty because she can't move around that much, so essentially we had to take the initiative to have things repaired.

It was quite unbelievable how much stuff we had to have repaired. All the window screens had to be replaced, the doors and cabinets had scratches, the bathroom sinks were falling off and leaking, the toilet innards had to be replaced, the stairway banister wasn't attached to the wall anymore (still have to have it fixed), a broken window glass panel and the house was full of roaches (to name a few repairs). It was heartbreaking to recount all the repairs that had to be done to my Tita.

I was honestly shocked with how the previous tenant used the house. It was my first time to move in my entire life and my Mom saw to it that whatever was broken at home was fixed immediately. My Mom explained to me that such people exist. They just don't care about other people's property because they feel that since they are paying rent they can do whatever they want. I feel really frustrated because I feel that the last tenant deliberately left the place in disarray. And I failed to mention that the last tenant left unpaid PLDT bills. Kainis diba?

I'm glad to report though that we had repaired most of the stuff save for the stairway banister and the shower floor needs grout. Hopefully the drain will be fixed tomorrow and that Maynilad will show up to clean out the septic tank. Unfortunately though the cause of this inferno is just around the corner.

Lesson learned: Aside from taking care of property that isn't yours, be wary about leaving a place in disarray because who knows the next tenant might know that you are someone popular.

Update: The septic tank revealed some gory secret. Kwento is here.


  1. Aileen - consider investing in a dual-band (802.11 g/n) wireless router, which can support two WPA2-encrypted private networks (each with a separate IP address range), a 5GHz one for your private use only, and a 2.4GHz one for guests who come to visit. You can still broadcast the SSID but use long (20+ mixed-non alphanumeric-only) passphrases for each and all of your WiFi devices should be able to connect on 802.11n at 5 GHz or 2.4GHz if they support the most recent draft-N spec.

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Interesting... sino kaya itong popular person na ito.

    But yeah, it is truly frustrating when people are so inconsiderate. Parang walang pinagaralan.