Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Pi Day Engagement

A year ago a big conspiracy happened. For several months I received cryptic clues from Sweetie and it came to  a point I got so annoyed that I just ignored any additional clue he gave me (haha).

So March 14, 2009 came. We were in Davao for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour and I was just expecting to eat lots of yummy food. I lost a lot of weight prior to DFAT because of my allergies and looked forward to gaining some weight in Davao. My other primary concern was not to have an asthma attack, so I wasn't really looking forward to the trek to the zipline. I tried to get out of it the day before, but everytime I brought it up Sweetie got stressed and dizzy. He said that he wanted me to zip down the mountain even if he had to carry me on the trail.

I was cranky half-way to the top since I was wheezing badly. Anyway, you can read my recount I wrote a year ago here and here's the video of the proposal.

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  1. Happy engagement anniversary! :) More happy years together!