Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just realized it's been awhile since I made a post about hanging out with blogger-friends.

We recently had our first housewarming party and we did this with friends. We were quite nervous since we had help from both our parents during the house blessing and we didn't cook anything that time. For this party we prepared the following:

my spaghetti
Indonesia brew coffee
salad (strangely tasted like carbonara)

Our friends brought a lot of food (Jayvee did most of the shopping):

chicharon and chicharon bulaklak
lechon kawali
mocha roll (my favorite!)
ice cream (3 flavors!)
white wine
and Juned's Pickfresh dalanghita drink (uber yum!)

We all first hung out at the sala. Markku fixed up the wifi connection so everyone can be online.

Karla, Juned and Marc (not in photo are Jayvee, Fritz, Poyt)

And then had a poetry reading... err... blog reading. Andrew did the reading and he was quite out of breath. It was really hilarious (see Gail can't stop laughing!).

We moved to the garage for dinner. After eating Jayvee brought out his toy. I don't quite remember the name of the game, I just remember though that the word of the night was "Bang".

Dunno what Markku was doing here. Hrhrhr.

And the special surprise was... a box of Lachi's sansrival!

Thanks guys for warming up our home!


  1. San na place nyo ulit Aileen? Marikina or Paranaque?

  2. wahhh!! Lachi's! It's yummy and of course, I loved the poetry *ahem* blog reading session!

  3. @Sha it was a reading like no other! hihihi.

  4. the name of the game is "BANG!" nga! hehehe