Friday, March 26, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies

I try to stay away from playing games because I end up getting addicted to it. The last time I got hooked was when Miguel was a kid and the culprit back then was Pokemon. My parents weaned me with books for distraction instead of playing video games. The only gaming gadgets they bought me were a Pacman watch and a Game & Watch. I only managed to play Super Mario rarely when I was allowed to go to the neighbor.

It was Miguel who got me to play Plants vs. Zombies. I indulged him because he was talking about PvZ a lot and I couldn't relate to him anymore. He coached me the first few games and actually still managed to stay away from playing. I actually stopped playing because my wrist hurt for a few days.


Sometimes things could just get frustrating and you just want to kick some b**t. The poor zombies didn't have a chance the past 2 nights because my frustration level was beyond its normal limit. It was exhausting though and it took a few hours before I fell asleep.

Ayun, puyat din si Sweetie.

I wish I could be a chomper and just chomp away all those annoying zombies in our lawn called the Philippines.


  1. It's a really fun game! :D I also just got addicted to it recently so I could relate somewhat. Now you know what it's all about. Next time you'd be singing "There's a zombie on your lawn..."

  2. wasn't really interested playing it at first...pero me isang araw na sinubukan ko...buong araw kong nilaro haha...

    nahinto ako sa post na to while scrolling ....kasi nanay ko ang kulit kulit ...naglalaro siya ngayon tanong ng tanong kung pano, san, ano....haha

  3. @Clair I haven't been blogging lately because of PvZ! I have the MP3 of the song on my phone hrhrhr.

    @Sendzki Kinukulit ko rin anak ko kapag dumadami bigla mga zombies! LOLz.

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    i used to be addicted to PvZ. but i had to stop myself because it was eating up my work time. :)