Friday, March 26, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies

I try to stay away from playing games because I end up getting addicted to it. The last time I got hooked was when Miguel was a kid and the culprit back then was Pokemon. My parents weaned me with books for distraction instead of playing video games. The only gaming gadgets they bought me were a Pacman watch and a Game & Watch. I only managed to play Super Mario rarely when I was allowed to go to the neighbor.

It was Miguel who got me to play Plants vs. Zombies. I indulged him because he was talking about PvZ a lot and I couldn't relate to him anymore. He coached me the first few games and actually still managed to stay away from playing. I actually stopped playing because my wrist hurt for a few days.


Sometimes things could just get frustrating and you just want to kick some b**t. The poor zombies didn't have a chance the past 2 nights because my frustration level was beyond its normal limit. It was exhausting though and it took a few hours before I fell asleep.

Ayun, puyat din si Sweetie.

I wish I could be a chomper and just chomp away all those annoying zombies in our lawn called the Philippines.