Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Run

Last Sunday my husband and son joined the Unilab Wellness Run. We woke up at around four and left home before 5 in the morning. Even though we left early it was a bit hard to find a free parking slot. Good thing BHS security opened one of the fields 3 blocks away from the venue so we managed to catch the 10km gun start.

I didn't join the run since I'd probably drop dead within 5 meters but I certainly felt the energy of the runners. Everybody was excited and I felt I wanted to run along with them. I had to content myself though by staying at the sidelines, taking videos and photos. The hubby gave a hearty wave when he passed me and Miguel. Soon enough Miguel had to join the throngs of people for the 3km run.

I stuck around the barrier since it was fun to watch the runners. There were really young kids and elderly people. I noticed though most of the runners were really fit. I was pretty worried about my boys because I felt they didn't have enough preparation. Eventually though Miguel arrived and Jay followed after a few minutes.

We had breakfast at TGIFriday's (yup they were open) and I was glad to see that my boys got hooked on running. Woohoo! Till the next run!

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