Sunday, November 7, 2021

Things I'll Do After Quarantine

I'm still experiencing baboy reflex* especially after eating breakfast. There's something about being back home that's encouraging me to just keep sleeping. I had a lot of trouble sleeping when I was in Singapore. The past few days I just keep conking out. Haha. Maybe my body is still recovering from the busy time we had packing our home. 

Anyway, I just have two more nights here at the quarantine hotel. I finally got a schedule for my swab test after trying to reach Padlab by email, Messenger, phone call and text. I also tried Aide app, but there seems to be a bug. Oh well, getting things done has always been harder here hehe. Now that I have that out of the way I could focus on planning what I'll do after I get out. 

Well, we still have four days of quarantine we need to complete at home. That will give me time to catch up with Miggy and collect many hugs! We'll finally see Mom on Sunday. I hope we could also drop by the church to say a prayer. 

It's going to be mayhem when we get home on Tuesday. I just realized it's going to be hard to squeeze in everything in our tiny home! Good luck to us on that. Miggy asked about groceries we're going to order. I'm putting together a simple menu for the next few days, probably easy to cook items like adobo, bistek and sinigang. I want to cook some of Daddy's mustasa dish for Mom. I'll probably order some veggies from 

Keeping it simple for our first week back home. My neighbor advised me to take my time to acclimate haha. We'll just do a lot of catching up, do some house cleaning and stock up on food. 

How's your Sunday going? Mine got really exciting, tell ya tomorrow! :D

*Baboy reflex - a phrase my nieces taught me. It means falling asleep right after eating.

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