Wednesday, November 3, 2021

I was Brave

I skipped over to the office yesterday to return my devices. It felt surreal when we were dropped off at my block. The place was deserted. The walk-a-lator which I normally used wasn't even turned on. The last time I was at the office was March 2020. 

It was like the universe was conspiring for me not to go. Just when we were about to leave, the sky dropped heavy rain. An hour after it was still pouring heavily. We decided to brave it and go. The Grab driver who picked us up missed a turn. We ended up adding 20 minutes more to our trip. As the car went farther and farther away from the office I asked, "Is the universe holding me back?" 

I was relieved when we finally reached my block and as we walked over to the next block I started to feel a bit sad. For a few seconds I wanted to go back home and not do what I was supposed to do. I marched on, dropped my things off and spent a few minutes taking photos. We were not able to go in anymore since the office is closed. 

To be honest I was a bit teary eyed, but I got distracted with taking photos. Then I got busy chatting with my seatmate. I sent him photos of where we used to walk when we'd go for merienda. He hasn't been back to the office either and had a lot of questions about our usual haunts. 

I've been getting questions about whether it's true I've left my job. And questions on what's next. Yes, I have left my job because I finally decided to follow the advise of my doctors. And what's next is real rest. I'm grateful I have been getting offers for work, but I'd like to focus on resting for now. I will eventually figure out what I want to do next, but for now I just want to spend time with my loved ones and enjoy being permanently home. (Friends have began placing bets on how long I'll be in this state hahaha). 

I was brave yesterday. I cried for another reason. 

Now gotta finish packing!

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