Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Leaves!

I put the pothos and baby rubber plant I'm propagating by my bedside. I check them when I wake up and before I go to sleep since i wasn't really sure if they'd survive. They were pretty stressed from trip and probably had to acclimate. I cut them from our plants that were indoors and they were used to the aircon and all-day air filter. They  got traumatized when I brought them here. 

I knew they were stressed because the leaves started browning. I changed the honey I mixed with the water to the honey from Bohol. Left them mostly alone and just made sure the water was refilled when needed. I noticed the pothos started rooting rapidly when I changed the honey. I was still concerned though for the second stalk because the leaves looked sad. The leaves from the baby rubber plant wasn't really propagating. 

A lot of progress happened the past few days. The leaves of the pothos are growing bigger and they've been producing new leaves too. The baby rubber plant has also started to produce roots! I'll probably keep the pothos in water, but have to research if I should move the baby rubber plant leaves to a pot with soil. 

You're probably wondering why I brought plant cuttings with me when I could just get them easily here. My Mom also has a huge garden and she'll give me whatever I need. I went through all the trouble of bringing them (a friend told me as long as it doesn't have soil it should be okay). The pothos cuttings are from the plant our landlord gave us 5 years ago and Tappy's pothos which I took care of for a year. The baby rubber plant I bought on a whim last year. It's grown a lot and I wasn't ready to part with it.

They are remnants of my life in Singapore and gardening made me happy. Our Westies neighbors are now taking care of the plants we left. I wanted a souvenir to remind  me of the happy memories I had gardening in Singapore. We haven't resumed blogging on The Balcony Farmer since our circumstances have changed. For now I'll just focus my time on propagating my two plants and will see where it goes. 

I'm just happy that my plants have started to flourish. The new leaves and new roots give me a lot of hope :)

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