Monday, November 8, 2021

A Wedding!

I fell asleep last night with a huge smile on my face. The first baby I loved and spent a lot of time with when he was tiny, tied the knot yesterday. After some delay due to lockdowns and restrictions it finally happened! It came as a huge surprise for us since we didn't know it was yesterday. I just got a ping from Ate Joy just before it started. (It's better that way so I don't forget!). 

Where did JC go?

I teared up when I saw Gabby walk down the aisle. Oh my, has it really been 30+ years since he was a baby? The chubby, happy baby I used to watch when I got home from school. I would usually do my algebra homework during my watch. He was easy to care for, never fussy. My gentle nephew who reminds me so much of Tito Ben. 

I was really hoping we all could be at the wedding, but it was still a blessing to be part of it via VC. I would have probably bawled if I was there in person. I felt the love flowing across countries. We lingered on with Mom a few minutes after Gabby and Gilly left the VC to transfer to their reception. I know my Mom would've wished she was also there at the wedding. 

I'm sure in time we would be able to come together as a family again and welcome Gilly in person. It's been a huge season of love in our family. Welcomed baby Griffin a few months ago and there's two more weddings coming up. I'm grateful to be alive for all of the happy events. I'm also grateful there are means to be connected even though we're miles away from each other. 

May God bless Gabby and Gilly as they embark on their journey to forever! 

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