Sunday, November 14, 2021

Freedom! The End of Our 10-Day Quarantine

We're finally "free" after serving six-days hotel quarantine and four-days home quarantine. Being in quarantine was not so bad. We were able to get some rest and re-organize our home. We were also able to attend a wedding of Gabby. We didn't have any issues re-adjusting to each other when we finally reunited with Miggy. All is good, just a lot of work needed to organize our home. 

Today we finally got to visit my Mom. We brought her to the park since there's a Christmas bazaar. Too bad her friends weren't around yet for the Christmas lights ceremony. We went to the bazaar to support our friends, Denz and Leejay, who were selling puto Binan. They gave Miggy some a month or two ago and we were so envious. We're going to have it for dessert tonight. Yay! 

We'll be focusing on fixing stuff this week -- my stove, Sweetie's car and possibly look for a replacement for our oven toaster. I'll also finish cleaning up the kitchen and will start the heavy task of clearing my closet. Freedom from quarantine doesn't mean we'll be going out for lakwatsa. We'll just go out as needed. 

Happy tummy delights we had today -

Tahoooooo, luckily got to order this from a neighbor! We always hear mamang taho pass by the warehouse beside us. Unfortunately, he doesn't come inside our place to sell. Saw a neighbor offering it yesterday and I immediately ordered three cups. Ahhhh, it was so good! I still want to be able to buy though from mamang taho

California maki, also from a neighbor (the one who made the kutsinta). In SG, they don't make California maki with mango so this was a good treat to get. We ate it for lunch with leftovers. 

Dinner is Jollibee which we got on the way home. I'm having my usual, Jolly spaghetti and Yumburger with cheese!

Puto Binan and sapin-sapin which we are having for dessert tonight. Yummm!

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