Saturday, November 6, 2021

Quarantine Eat Sleep Eat Sleep

Ahhh, the quarantine life. We're halfway through our six-day quarantine and I'm actually grateful that this was a requirement. We've just been resting since we arrived. The super busy last few weeks have caught up with us. We were probably just running on adrenaline the last few days we were closing down our life in Singapore. 

I literally haven't really done anything here at the hotel. I've been meaning to sort the contents of our luggages. A friend also advised for me to bring my sewing machine during quarantine since I'll have lots of time. It's still inside the box. Our luggages are untouched save for the basic things we need for daily living. 

The TV has been on most of the time, but I've never finished a show. I usually doze off after eating. Baboy reflex ftw. The hotel has been providing huge servings of food. I already requested for them to halve the rice they've been providing. Rice is life. I wish we had a microwave over so we can set aside the leftovers. No wonder so many people gain so much weight during quarantine. 

I'm glad I have friends who gave some advise about what to bring during quarantine. They told me to bring snacks and your hobbies. Aside from snacks I also brought my coffee, milk, ketchup and mayo. I also brought some kubyertos since I don't like using plastic cutlery. Good thing we also had leftover garbage bag which we brought with us. It's helped keep our room clean. 

I'm hoping I won't be so exhausted anymore tomorrow. It really takes so long for my body to recover now. I cancelled three VCs yesterday because I couldn't stay up. I'm only up now because I took my vitamin D3, but I might soon nod off again haha. 

Few more days and I can finally hug Miggy!

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