Friday, September 12, 2008

The Noodle King

Noodles! I remember when I was a kid my Dad would always bring me with him to Quad (yeah that era) to eat merienda. He always ate noodles and siopao. I wasn't a voracious eater back then and I usually just ate the siopao skin that he would strip from the siopao (I still do to this day!). Anyway, this tidbit is the reason why I was curious about the Noodle King.

Last week I had the chance to meet THE Noodle King, Chef Liu Zheng Hsiung of Lao Dong (a very popular restaurant in Taipei which Chowking partnered with). Mr. Liu's story is just like Po's (of Kung Fu Panda), BUT unlike Po he has so much passion for noodles. Mr. Liu's noodles are to die for and Arpee even exclaimed during the demo that it was "heavenly". I'm not much into noodles, but I must say that it was superb, not oily and the beef was so soft (he boiled the beef for 24 hours!). I'm sure my Dad would love it!

Oh and I'd like to personally thank Chowking for supporting Wordcamp Philippines! =)


  1. Ang cute2x ni Po! hehehe

  2. hello Aileen! It was nice to meet you during the event.

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