Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bloggers Oktoberfest Party

About 450+ bloggers, blogger-friends, and our friends from SM and San Miguel trooped to Taste Asia at the Mall of Asia last night for the San Miguel-sponsored Oktoberfest 120 for Bloggers.

I was amazed with the many new faces that I saw in the party (andami ko nang di kilala!). Made me remember the first blog party I attended over a year ago. Everything starts with hello and you would definitely make a lot of new friends if you put some effort into it (case in point: don't just sit there, mingle!). Last night I saw a lot of new faces and new groups (or what some call "cliques") and of course the veterans.

San Miguel knows how to party! Everything was down pat, from food to the games (thanks Marcelle a.k.a. Faith for being the official bloggers party host!) to the band (Moonstar88!!!!!!!!). All you basically needed to do was have fun and I have a feeling most of the people who attended last night are still asleep with a hangover.

Thank you very much to San Miguel for being interested to do a party with bloggers and SM Hypermarket for the support given to bloggers.


Here are some of the photos I took:


An Apple a Day (Aileen)
Let's Go Sago (Jonel)
Ronald Guanzon
Student Athlete (Galwin)
Rockersworld (Karla)



  1. ate, inggit naman ako. kelan kaya kami dito sa cebu, or sa davao?

  2. way cool!!! brought daughter and sisters and they all had a great time! moonstar88 was a very nice surprise. di ko kilala - mas kilala ng sisters ko..ugh.. sign of? :D

  3. @batangyagit - ask ko :)

    @thegrapebunch - uyyy ako kilala ko sila! hahaha. baka wala lang sa radar mo. salamat sa pagpunta, naaliw ako kay daughter mo. hehe.

  4. Thank you for extending the invite! It was my first bloggers event as a full-time blogger and it was great! LOVED the Reyes Barbecue! Too bad lang na madaling naubos. Oh, well. I drank a lot of beer though so it's all good. Thanks again!

  5. enjoy ako. thanks ulit for another wonderful blogger's party... super thanks din san miguel for hosting the event :)

    i saw you miss aileen. halos magkatabi lang table natin sa labas. asama ko si zaldy (majorkontrapelo) gusto ko ngang magpa picture kasama ka kaso lang medyo nahihiya ako. hehe... :)

    will be posting pictures and videos later on my multiply account :)

    thanks again. :)

  6. ang saya ng oktoberfest! nanalo ako ng MP3 player. yey!

  7. Ma'am is it ok to grab some pics?

  8. Enjoy ang party.

    Here's my post:
    Octoberfest for Bloggers

  9. Anonymous5:38 PM

    wow! angs aya naman!

  10. Hi Ms. Aileen

    Thanks for dropping by sa blog ko... (

    sana next party ma meet kta personally...
    See you in the next party...

  11. Hi, Aileen. Kindly link my other post: Octoberfest at Taste Asia.

    Game ako sa Halloween!


  12. Hey Aileen, updated my blog with an Oktoberfest party entry:


  13. hi ms. aileen... sober ka na ba after a week? hehehhehe...

    thanks nga pala ulit sa oktoberfest party... sorry hindi nakagawa ng post dahil i got so many things to do.. waaaahhh... but dont worry, gagawa ako ng suuuupppeerr late na oktoberfest bloggers party event blog entry when i have the chance... hahaha... thanks again... sana maulit muli itong bloggers party...! hahahha... but i think i cannot join the holloween party! hehehe...


  14. thanks for the fun party! have yet to make a post on it, though. our pictures tend to take so long to arrive. thanks again..will watch out for the halloween event! tnx again. :)

  15. better late than's my post on the event:

    tnx again! :)

  16. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Well, thanks for the invite... me and my friends enjoyed it... although how I wish we met coz it seems you are such an interesting person to be with...

  17. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Hi Aileen! I recently wrote a post about many of the San Miguel beers in the Philippines, but I haven't seen the one in your photos. Was this a seasonal beer for this event, or is it available year round? Looks like a good time!