Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bloggers Oktoberfest Updates

Due to insistent public demand you can check out the the party list here (if you got the confirmation message when you registered that's good to go too, pasensya na had to figure out how not to share people's email addys).

And the first 120 bloggers who registered will also get a thank-you goodie (thank God I registered!). But hey there's already food and drinks so the goodies is just icing on the cake. Do come on time too!

Registration will be closed end-of-day tomorrow (September 25, 2008) so the organizers can prepare for Friday's party.



9/26 Update: Please be reminded that you have to come on time to get your goodie coupon. And if you don't show up we'll just give it to the others.


  1. Alright! I'm #61 on the list! I wonder what the thank you goodie is. I hope it's a nice swag...

  2. All right! I'm #109! :D

  3. And the Thank You goodie is...


    1 case of San mig Light, lolz.

    See you all there.

  4. yeah!!! im #67!!! dalawa na lang fave number ko na... hehhehe... joke...

    hmmm... ano kaya yung goodies? at ang daming new blogsites... and some familiar names... mga old timers na sa blog parteehs... hehehe... cant wait for tomorrow... hahahhaha.. thanks po for posting! ^_^

  5. wow! i am #98 and my superfriend, #101. that's great!

  6. I'm at 58? How will they identify those in the top 120? We'll we get a special name tag or something at the entrance? By the way, do you think it will be alright to bring kids along to the party just like in the Buhay Coke Bloggers' Party?

  7. Damn, #125. Oh well.

    And I'm not bringing a friend, boo-hoo... lolz

    Be seeing ya!

  8. hi! ms. aileen thank you sa pag post ng list ng mga nakapagregistered. weeeeeeeehehehe! isang case ng beer daw ang goodies na matatanggap! hahaha! masaya to! talagang super oktoberfest yung mangyayari! thanks again, ms. aileen!

  9. Yeah, I gonna receive thank-you goodie. I'm within the first 120.