Thursday, September 11, 2008

Double Threes

I wrote this post over a week ago... just got so busy so I wasn't able to post it immediately.

I’m somewhere South right now and having a hard time connecting to the Net so I thought I’d do a blog post while I’m trying to connect to the cyberworld. Eraserheads’ songs are playing in the background and it’s a great upper for me (not sure with the rest of the people here as most of them are probably above the age of 50).

I was bedridden the whole day yesterday, probably got over-fatigue due to Saturday’s concert, but it was worth it. The songs are still buzzing in my head and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the number of views my Eheads video has gotten. I did that as a thank you for Ely for doing a previous project, I never got the chance to thank him personally since I kinda left. Keep the views coming!

It was definitely a full weekend. I also had a small birthday celebration with family and close friends – something I rarely do and the next one will probably be 7 years from now when my my life begins. It party was a small luncheon at one of my favourite places – Taste Asia – I didn’t have any trouble fixing it up since I only decided to push through with it just a few days before. I just SMSd them my budget, number of guests and they took care of everything. Party in a snap!

I don’t really like hosting parties for myself since I honestly have no idea how to entertain people (my Mom’s good at it though). I hope they had a great time and here are some snippets from the Winnie the Pooh autograph book I passed around (the slam book was Juned’s idea actually hehe), kinda shows what kind of family and friends I have huh (guess the bloggers!):

Favorite actor:
Rommnick Sarmienta forever

Favorite actress:
Jolina Magdangal

Happiest moments with friends:
Talking about Shrek.
While eating.

Worst moment with friends:
Being with Shrek
Falsification of documents :D
With F______n
While not eating.

Favorite slogan on friendship:
Even in hell one needs friends.
Friendship is like a butterfly, it's beautiful!

Here are some fab pictures from the small celebration I had:

Photos by Andrew. See more photos here.


  1. It was an intimate party with close friends and family. Of course everybody enjoyed... kasi ikaw yung celebrant... and the barbeque was delicious too :)

    Belated Happy Birthday sweetie !

  2. Great party, great friends, great food! And most of all, the tell-all autograph book is the win! Happy birthday! :D

  3. Belated Happy Beerday, Ms. Aileen!

    I owe you a birthday cake which you will get once you set foot again here at the Tuna Capital for the MBS2! yEHEEYY!!!!

    ALL THE BEST to you! Mwah! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Aileen :)

    A year older & a year wiser :)

  5. waahhh! One of the many things I missed diba!=) Just revisited your site mare=) Belated Happy Birthday=) I'm glad THIS celebration was far far better than your last one;) I hope I don't miss your wedding=P