Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Heart Bugoy

A few months ago I blogged that I wasn’t watching TV anymore and that I was just getting most of my entertainment online, but since I wanted to be “offline” in the evenings so I could do other things I found myself watching TV again. One of the shows that I managed to watch from start to finish was Pinoy Dream Academy (okay, okay and some telenovelas Jerome).

I managed to watch PDA season 1 as well and at the beginning of PDA season 2 I thought that the PDA scholars from season 1 had more oomph and talent, but I had taken a liking for Bugoy early on. I just had that gut feel that he was really going to do well and hopefully become THE Dream Winner.

Much to my disappointment though that he only finished second. But as Sweetie said in his post, "Text votes really don't measure who's best. They measure how many people can vote for the scholars. It doesn't even equate to a one is to one ratio. One person could vote for 1,000 times for a single scholar as long as that person had the load to pay for each SMS message." 

Yes! I agree with Bugoy when he said, “Kahit di ako nanalo sa puso ko ako pa rin ang Dream Big Winner!

From being a farmer’s son to working as a sanitation worker in a school in Bicol, Bugoy has definitely come a long way. One other reason why I was rooting for him is because he is Bicolano! And Bicolanos rock! (I’m sure my dear US and Australia born Bicolano friends are nodding their head now). Bicol, after all, seems to have been a forgotten region because it’s poor and it’s gone through one disaster after another.


Bicol has much talent too! Well known stars such as Elizabeth Oropesa, the greatest president we never had, Raul Roco, and known xxx Francisco Garchitorena etc. hailed from Bicol. And now we have Bugoy!

Congratulations Bugoy! Uragon ka! (And I mean it in the Bicolano-lambing way). Hope to meet you someday (so I can add you up in my wall of the famous).

You might want to check out the PDA Season 2 Scholars Sing Cayabyab (I absolutely love Bugoy's song).


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    i saw him too and he's really good! the timbre of his voice and his energy is just amazing for someone so young.

  2. Bugoy is really talented. Sayang at di sya nanalo. Ayoko kay Laarni eh, si Bugoy talaga ang bet ko!

  3. He was my bet, too, Ai!. Oh well...

  4. I was expecting Bugoy would win over Laarni.

  5. I was for Bugoy too ever since this PDA started.

  6. Love Bugoy too. He makes me wanna cry everytime he sings. Really.