Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are You Green or Blue?

It is funny how the rivalry between the two best universities in our country has landed in the news of foreign newspapers. Not only that, in the past few months my friends abroad have been talking about our local schools as well and they've been getting mixed feedback. It came to a point I had to step-in and say that it really depends on who you speak with. Gave me a bit of headache though. LOL.

We are a mixed breed in our household. My Dad's a true-blue Atenean while all of us kids are La Sallians. My Dad is a staunch supporter of Ateneo and you can't take him away from the TV when he watches basketball games - after all he was a basketball player for Ateneo and his shooting record is-yet-to-be-beaten to this day. So you can just imagine what a rowdy household we are whenever there are games. (Gwapo ng Dad ko noh?).

In the past few years my Ate and Kuya would burn phone lines just to tease my Dad whenever Ateneo lost. I got the brunt of it whenever La Salle lost. I have not been personally following the games this year and had to ask my students to explain to me what's happening. I was pretty pleased that the games are Ateneo vs. La Salle. My Dad though hasn't been on my case that bad now because of Sweetie (he's Atenean), he said, "I knew you'd eventually find your way back." (Translation: You are in good hands with an Atenean). LOL.

BUT when it comes to basketball... I'm still very much GREEN. Animo La Salle!

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  1. Animo! DLSU forever :)

  2. Go ATENEO! One big fight!

  3. luv comin back to this blog. Got u on my blog roll...if that's ok?

  4. luv comin back to this blog. Got u on my blog roll...if that's ok?

  5. Bwahahaha! Game time!

  6. green 1 na...hehe

  7. obviously, it's actually all about the maroon. :P

  8. Hi there! Visiting you from davao, RP! Hehe... :D

    Congratulations! blog hoppin'...

    btw, care to xlink?

    Thank you! :D

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