Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I Miss Most About the Philippines

I'm feeling homesick. I'm about to go home soon, but I just wanted to rant about the stuff I miss about the Philippines.

1. My Family, especially Miguel. I miss all the hugs sweetie. I miss my Mom and Dad a lot too (yes, even the sermons I get every so often).

2. My Friends, especially my best friends - Darwin, Anne, Tappy and Jay. And, of course, my online and offline friends.

3. My Parish. Yes, I always feel sad whenever I hear mass in another church. Oh, and it's supposed to be our Parish fiesta soon. Too bad, I won't be around again. Sheesh.

4. Pinoy Food. My Pinoy breakfasts! Tosilog, longsilog, tapsilog... my Ate made up for it though. I remember going crazy Wednesday last week coz I was craving for rice badly.

5. The beach. I saw a bit of the beach in San Francisco and imagined how cold it would've been to take a dip. Nahhhh, I like my beach warm and calm.

6. Knowing where to go. I'm a very independent person and I don't really like relying on someone to get me from one point to another. But being in that situation made me realize that it's nice to have someone taking care of you.

7. OPM! I looooove Pinoy music and I even got my friends the Edu Manzano dance hits CD. Too bad I forgot to bring it to the party last Friday. I was certainly delighted that my best friend launched the Titikpilipino podcast last week.

8. My bed. I must have spent a lot of time this year sleeping in hotels and I just simply miss snuggling in my own bed.

9. Working at home. I mean, my study room. I miss the Greenwich tinted walls, my desk, getting a lot of SMS, hordes of email (I'm still getting those though) and doing all those crazy stuff I do everyday.

10. My hamsters. I hope Miguel's been taking care of them!

I'll be home soon!

*Photo taken at the Observation Tower of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (yes, the other one located near Duller Airport) and that's my sister =)


  1. ate aileen.. ako di mo na miss? bwhahahahaha! :P

  2. at least you can spend time with your sister which is not often. I'll see you soon !

  3. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I've always wanted to go that Air and Space Museum. Is it far from the Capitol?

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hehe, Dulles airport is quite the dull airport. Have nice trip back!

  5. Anonymous1:30 PM

    The airport may be dull. Probably duller but certainly Dulles.

    Elmar :)