Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Heart Pinoy Breakfasts

One thing I love about traveling is getting forced to eat breakfast. When at home I don't eat breakfast coz I'd rather use the extra minutes to get more sleeping time (and snoozing always gets me in trouble! almost missed my flight yesterday morning!).

Anyway, I like breakfast best when traveling within our country. In other countries they only serve bread, cereals, a couple of fruits (no mangoes!), cheese, yoghurt etc. which doesn't really fill-in my very Pinoy stomach.

And here are my faves:

1. Tosilog (tocino, sinangag and itlog) - tocino is sweet meat which is usually colored red, the yummier ones are made in Pampanga; sinangag is fried rice - my Dad still makes the best fried rice anywhere; and itlog, egg, have it any way you want.

2. Longsilog (longganisa, singangag and itlog) - the most unique longganisa I've eaten are the ones from Lucban, really tasty indeed, just don't get turned off by its strong smell. Best eaten when fried to a crisp.

3. Tapsilog (tapa, sinangag and itlog) - tapa sometimes is served thin and sometimes thick, sometimes really maalat, sometimes a bit sweet. I prefer the sweet ones.

4. Bangsilog (bangus, sinangag and itlog) - I love bangus since it's very tasty. The best ones are those that are boneless. I tasted the Chowking boneles bangus the other day at Kalibo, Aklan and it was quite good.

5. Baconsilog/basilog (bacon, sinangag and itlog) and cornedbeefsilog and hotsilog - these ones are not that popular but some establishments do serve it. Miguel is a real fan of bacon and even gives me a round of applause whenever I perfect frying it (he should coz cooking at 4 in the morning is a really mean feat hehe). Anyway, I love corned beef better, not the dry ones though.

Oh, and don't forget to dip that hot pandesal in coffee. Yum.

What about you? Are you a breakfast person?

Photo by Sasha Manuel.


  1. ... and also! a great way to get to know a new place is by it's food!

    Things differ so much from country to country! There are always surprises to discover! :) :) :)

    Definitely, having breakfasts when we travel is a nice treat :)

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    That is so true. Ü
    Aside from being able to view the beauty of our countryside whenever I travel, I get to eat delectable breakfasts, which I can never experience eating in the office.

  3. @farfallina - yes yes! that's true. I miss eating rice though when I'm out of the country.

    @jervis - I didn't realize there is such a thing as "primasilog" - pritong manok, sinangag and itlog! hehehe. I love traveling and seeing how beautiful our country is.

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    i want to meet sasha na talaga. kahit isang picture lang. :)

  5. Breakfast is love :) Tapsilog has a special place in my heart. :D I love it when the tapa is spicy, and then add a juicy fresh tomato to the meal = yum!

  6. I love, love, love breakfast food!!!

  7. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I also like eating breakfast only when travelling, specially yummy Filipino breakfast - love the garlic rice, scrambled eggs, and all that tocino and longganisa galore! :) Orange juice tops it all hehe:)

  8. But of course!! Next time you're back in the states, I'll either take you to a silog place or cook for you myself. Outside of tapsilog, I'd have to say chickenbbqsilog would be my next fav. =P Also, you're too lucky to have access to fresh, hot pandesal every morning! I can't wait til I'm there in December!

  9. Yup, I'm a breakfast person, too! I can skip lunch or even dinner when i'm on workaholic mode but not breakfast.

    And breakfast has to be heavy. No offense to the foreigners, but I remember what my friend said about continental breakfast: it's konti-nental!


  10. Anonymous10:08 PM

    funny thing.. i love breakfast food but not during breakfast time..:) and to think i wake up at 5am everyday.. hehe

  11. Ma cholesterol lahat yan ah(kasi may itlog) at fried.

  12. i also love pinoy breakfasts! since i go to work at the crack of dawn, i get to have an early "lunch" of tapsilog, longsilog and all those other silogs. =) and yes, i also love hot pandesal lavishly spread with butter and dipping it in coffee... sarap!!!

  13. hmmm how about tuyo/danggit, fresh kamatis, scrambled eggs, and sinangag plus suka with garlic... wow ang sarap na-miss ko yun as in!

    loove ko halos lahat ng variation ng "silogs" hehe :P

  14. kahit lunch o dinner na... pinoy breakfast pa din hanap ko... hehehe

  15. Anonymous3:02 AM

    i miss that food! :(

  16. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I'm not really a breakfast person... I usually eat these silogs for dinner LOL

    There are also some other silogs to try,

    chixsilog - fried chicken silog
    porksilog - porkchop silog
    horsilog - horse meat silog
    masilog - maling (luncheon meat) silog