Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Heart Pinoy Breakfasts

One thing I love about traveling is getting forced to eat breakfast. When at home I don't eat breakfast coz I'd rather use the extra minutes to get more sleeping time (and snoozing always gets me in trouble! almost missed my flight yesterday morning!).

Anyway, I like breakfast best when traveling within our country. In other countries they only serve bread, cereals, a couple of fruits (no mangoes!), cheese, yoghurt etc. which doesn't really fill-in my very Pinoy stomach.

And here are my faves:

1. Tosilog (tocino, sinangag and itlog) - tocino is sweet meat which is usually colored red, the yummier ones are made in Pampanga; sinangag is fried rice - my Dad still makes the best fried rice anywhere; and itlog, egg, have it any way you want.

2. Longsilog (longganisa, singangag and itlog) - the most unique longganisa I've eaten are the ones from Lucban, really tasty indeed, just don't get turned off by its strong smell. Best eaten when fried to a crisp.

3. Tapsilog (tapa, sinangag and itlog) - tapa sometimes is served thin and sometimes thick, sometimes really maalat, sometimes a bit sweet. I prefer the sweet ones.

4. Bangsilog (bangus, sinangag and itlog) - I love bangus since it's very tasty. The best ones are those that are boneless. I tasted the Chowking boneles bangus the other day at Kalibo, Aklan and it was quite good.

5. Baconsilog/basilog (bacon, sinangag and itlog) and cornedbeefsilog and hotsilog - these ones are not that popular but some establishments do serve it. Miguel is a real fan of bacon and even gives me a round of applause whenever I perfect frying it (he should coz cooking at 4 in the morning is a really mean feat hehe). Anyway, I love corned beef better, not the dry ones though.

Oh, and don't forget to dip that hot pandesal in coffee. Yum.

What about you? Are you a breakfast person?

Photo by Sasha Manuel.