Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Makulay ang Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay

Okay, I'm not really referring to that video. It's cute and funny, but a bit annoying, I'm sure the kids would've picked it up as well just like the LUK4 jingle (LOL). Anyway, my friend's have been teasing me about having a colorful life. Nah! I really couldn't understand why I always get myself in scrapes and whatever. But things always work out one way or the other and the best thing to do a lot of times is keep mum about it (le unbloggable hehe).

Well, on the brighter side of things, there's loads to do and a lot of stuff to look forward too (but I definitely do not want to get stranded again!). Yeah, I'm just rambling on...

Oh, my poll on "What to do when you are brokenhearted?" just closed and here are the results -

Get wasted again and again - 41%
Shop till you drop - 11%
Bury yourself in work - 58%
Find a replacement for the lost love - 17%
Cry and cry until the tears run dry - 35%

Well, it was just one of those silly things, it felt just really strange when I saw a lot of my traffic come from "love and relationship" keyword searches as well. Duh! Hahaha.

Well, here's HappySlip and her "Speechless" video, a follow-up to the "Boypren" video she did a few months back.

Uh, I'm speechless about a lot of things right now and my lips are sealed... a lot of times (hihihi). What about you?


  1. uy pareho kami ng bday ni Happyslip? whoaAAAAAAAAAA!!

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    They look so KAWAII! I wann meet Kevjumpa! haha!

  3. uy..sinabawang gulay mtv!
    astig.tagal ko na hinahanap ito hehhe
    tnx !!!!

  4. hey, those two clips were funny :D thanks for sharing ;) Also, belated happy birthday :D

  5. My son likes this commercial very much... thanks for pointing this out Aileen... at extended version pa :D