Sunday, September 2, 2007

Things to Do to Keep You Sane

"Keep busy."

That's what I always hear my friends say when I'm going through a tough, challenging or stressful time. I'm always doing something and I never really stop. I stopped watching TV when Maging Sino Ka Man ended coz I couldn't sit around long enough to finish an episode without doing something else. I just really couldn't sit still with or without challenges facing me. ADHD ba ito? LOL.

So, anyway, what do I do to keep sane?

1. Pig-out!

Guess where I had my birthday dinner? And I only spent PhP640! At Taste Asia!

Saturday night dinner was at Good Earth Tea Room at the Mall of Asia. Fabulous food Tito Henry!

2. Eat yummy, yummy cookies!

I love cookies! I love `em so much I bake them! And I just couldn't resist Mrs. Fields! I definitely had to go to their launch last August 21 at the Mrs. Fields cafe located at the Manila Pavilion.

3. Go to a videoke place and belt out your frustrations. Best done with a buddy! Thanks Franklin for keeping me company on my birthday (and for reminding me again and again that it's my birthday!).

Read more about how I celebrated my birthday.

4. Attend a wedding and go crazy with your friends.

Read more about the wedding.

5. Check out organizations that have deeply-rooted social advocacies like the International Rice and Research Institute (IRRI) who's making sure that we'll all survive if our rice resources all disappear due to war or famine. Can you imagine not eating rice at all? I can't! And did you know that rice yield has been declining rapidly?

Or check out Wikipilipinas! Talking with its founder, Mr. Gus Vibal, made me realize that there are but a handful of people who are interested to preserve our heritage. Do you know who the mentor of Juan and Antonio Luna was? How do you think they learned to paint? Well, find out at Wikipilipinas! We need more Filipinos like Gus! Too bad I missed the party last Friday night. Congratulations Gus, Chard and the whole Wikipilipinas team!

It's been a really, really interesting roller-coaster ride birthday week. And I was really happy that my dear friend, Jajah, celebrated my birthday in Singapore when the residence hotel she's staying in sent up a birthday cake for me. I've always had her around on my birthdays since she lives just a house away from me. Well, true to form, she sent in her greetings -

I'd also like to thank Timbuk2 for sending a Becky's Kitchen thank you cake (through Geiser Maclang). And to Sassa for the yoga attire (I'm really, really so shy to wear it!)... I just might take up the offer to try out that yoga class "for overly stressed individuals" LOL.

And for this afternoon, after a really, really crazy week, I'm just going to go offline and take a well-deserved looooong nap.

What about you? What keeps you sane?


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Duckquitos! Yummm! :-) It's been a while since I last ate at Good Earth. Have you ever tried Popoy's Delight (fish)?

    I missed you at the Manila International Book Fair. Sayang...

  2. Ah i left early on the pinoy bloggers dinner with wikipilipinas. It's true one just has to be busy. I also got the yoga attire but I have to give it to my other daughter as I can't do yoga right now. My right arm is frozen . But you should take that yoga class offer. Sabay kayo with Lauren.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Happy birthday. :)

  4. uy! Love the pix with Franklin ha! mo pa yung iba! :D go go go! :P

  5. @manuel viloria - i looooove the tuna version as well, too bad they didn't have any last saturday.

    @noemidado - that sounds like a great idea! i think i'll be too shy to go on my own... i'll go bug lauren!

    @fruityoaty - thanks for the greeting!

    @eilanna - it's in my picasa! hehehe.

  6. sis, wag mong itago sa picasa! papahirapan mo pa ako eh! :P its worth posting here ang KYOT! :D

  7. @eilanna - well... well... mahirap na! baka habulin ako ng mga girls ni franklin!

  8. Anonymous8:43 AM

    i'd rather not use pig out (LOL), i always say food trip.

    belated HB!

  9. @sexymom - well that is the politically correct term hehe. I think I must've burned all the food I ate last week coz it hasn't shown up on my sides... thank God! LOL.