Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Some of my friends who are connected to me via Gtalk have been asking me the past few days what "Papaya" is - it's been on my status message. Well, "Papaya" (which I sometimes eat) is a featured song on the "Edu Manzano World Greatest Dance Steps" CD. Uh, Edu Manzano? Don't worry, he doesn't actually sing in the album except for some bits where he just says, "Papaya!".

Okay, okay, so mababaw lang talaga ako and it doesn't take much to make me laugh. It was what my best friend used to make me laugh the whole week last week and since some of my friends are needing a bit of cheering up I thought I'd share this bit -

Oh, I do suggest getting the CD, it helps lighten the mood and I think it'd be great to use at some dinner parties at home. I'm getting one as pasalubong for my friends in the US. You can get it through the Titikpilipino e-store as well if you're abroad.