Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Some of my friends who are connected to me via Gtalk have been asking me the past few days what "Papaya" is - it's been on my status message. Well, "Papaya" (which I sometimes eat) is a featured song on the "Edu Manzano World Greatest Dance Steps" CD. Uh, Edu Manzano? Don't worry, he doesn't actually sing in the album except for some bits where he just says, "Papaya!".

Okay, okay, so mababaw lang talaga ako and it doesn't take much to make me laugh. It was what my best friend used to make me laugh the whole week last week and since some of my friends are needing a bit of cheering up I thought I'd share this bit -

Oh, I do suggest getting the CD, it helps lighten the mood and I think it'd be great to use at some dinner parties at home. I'm getting one as pasalubong for my friends in the US. You can get it through the Titikpilipino e-store as well if you're abroad.


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Papaya pala ang title nun. Don't know what to google nung may nagpapahanap sa akin ng mp3 :) wala naman kasing lyrics kundi yung turururut na yun :)

  2. @marhgil - Hahaha! Ang kulit ng kanta diba? Papaya!!!

  3. > when you are broken hearted?

    i dont get to experience this frequently but when it happens it becomes a turning point.

    i leave the country. i leave the island. i escape into the novelty of being in a new place, rather than face it head on. im fragile. maybe its not healthy. i dont learn. i simply dont know.

    "im fragile" daw .. sa laki kong ito .. héhéhé

  4. @rmacapobre - max! you are just simple the best! you made me laugh so hard. fragile huh! hehehehe. na-miss tuloy kita!

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Hi aileen if anybody want's a copy i have it just let me know the email of who's interested.. :)

  6. Game Ka Na Ba has been one of my favorite shows since Edu took the helm. I've always loved this song... but I have no idea why it's called papaya. :D

  7. @watz - I have friends who want kaso papagalitan ako ni best friend! Hmmm maybe you can send it to me? Secret lang hahahaha.

    @frances - I have not actually seen Edu on Game Ka Na Ba coz I don't watch TV! Accckkk! But I found it soooo funny. Listen to the CD, Edu does a bit of Papaya singing there and it's soooo funny.

  8. I will secret lang din...message ka na lang sa

  9. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I will message ka na lang sa

  10. akala ko joke lang yung dance cd niya. i saw him being interviewed by his son a few weeks back. natatawa si luis the whole time na pinopromote ni edu yung dance cd niya. alam mo naman yung mag-amang yon.

    so i guess tutoo nga. now this i have to listen to :)

    you should try to watch edu sometime especially during gknb. super funny siya eh. gusto ko ngang mapanood yung bagong game show niya - 1 vs 100. (naks! updated sa showbiz!)

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