Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Photo that Inspired Me

I rested the whole day yesterday. The boys told me I was on stricter house arrest after I had a severe asthma attack the other night. What caused it was the bad air quality. I took in a lungful while I was admiring the sky. I realized that the dirty air here is different from Singapore. In Singapore I could easily tell when the air quality is bad. I'm probably used to it here so I can't tell the difference. Anyway, I slept most of the day and feel better now. 

I'll still take it easy today so my body can recover fully. I think I'll work on the vinta throw pillow quilt. It was inspired by a photo of VP Leni when she visited Zamboanga recently. I was so stressed out last week with the news, I thought it would be better to channel my frustration to something else. The photo served as an inspiration. I set aside the tshirt quilt project to work on this first (yet again haha). 

Here's the design of the throw pillow quilt I'm working on -

Getting stressed over something I can't control was really bad for me. I got sick and this is what my doctors told me to avoid. Stress causes your immune system to be compromised and the blood test I got proved I had an infection. The first thing I had to do was de-stress. I got over it by channeling my frustration to something good. The photo of VP Leni with the vintas in the background inspired me to be creative. I think that's a good way to cope with stress. 

Seeing posts related to the elections is unavoidable. Much as I'd like to participate more, my body just can't cope with the stress. I'll just pray hard for a good and honest elections. I'm also praying for those still in the dark side to finally see the light. I'll let my able-bodied friends do the campaigning. And thanks to my friend Chelle who sent me some tarps! 

She also sent me this super cute milk tea earrings. You can get it from her Shopee shop at I love the earrings and have been wearing it at home haha. 

#BeKind #StayHome

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