Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Big Transition Month, It's Not Over Yet

Can you believe that it's December already? The year is ending soon and we just survived the biggest transition in our lives. We began November by getting haircuts! I had my long hair chopped off and it felt so good! 

Here's a one second everyday video of how my November went :D

Moving countries is hard! It's not as easy as moving homes. The week before we flew home was hectic. Movers came to pack and box our things. After they took everything, we started packing our things. We soon realized we had more than what we could bring. We had to send a box through LBC (it hasn't arrived yet). It felt like Lucky Plaza magnetized us to come over for one last time, haha. It will be fun to unbox a balikbayan box when it arrives! 

The travel processes went smoothly. We had to follow closely new announcements since it was changing almost everyday. I have friends who have been asking me how we prepared to go home. Since the policies change often I suggest to read through my post here and visit the links I provided. We did not encounter any problems and we were able to stay together during our quarantine*.

After finishing our six-day quarantine, we finally went home and was reunited with Miggy. We stayed home for another four days before we were able to visit my Mom. The rest of the month was spent mostly re-organizing our messy home and preparing for another transition. Yes! It's not yet over! That's what I meant when I said, "Rad changes coming up!"

November was a good month. I'm so happy to be home with family and be in close proximity to friends. The frenzy of eating everything we missed is done! We have switched back to eating healthy meals. My doctor and my seatmate would be happy to know this, haha. 

Now we prepare for two important birthday! My Mom's and Papa Jesus' birthday. Yay! 

*The BOQ has a single person per room policy. More links on this post.

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