Monday, December 6, 2021

Home Clean Up and Planning My Craft Room

We got help from Gab's company, Squeaky PH, to do move-in cleaning. Our new home is still dusty from the construction work and it would be really hard just to clean by ourselves. I'm so glad it's easy to get help now for home cleaning. 

Our home though still looks like a bodega right now. I'm still hopeful we could make it look decent by Christmas. I hope our dining table arrives today. It would be perfect to have it in time for Mommy's birthday. 

One thing I'm really excited about is my craft room. I've been pouring over ideas on Pinterest. I want to have floor to ceiling cabinets to house my fabric and materials. Then put a desk area on one side where I can put my books, printer and small equipment. I'm still deciding what kind of center table I should have made. I'm thinking of a folding table which can be expanded and hold small knick knacks. I saw some being sold at Lazada and Shopee, so I might consider that. They're smaller than what I need, so may still consider just having it customized. Dealing with design is not a strong suit of mine, so suggestions are welcome :)

The nice thing about being home is I could get help from friends who have businesses. I prefer to work with people I know because we're also taking a lot of precaution for now. I contacted my school busmate earlier to see if his company can help with our cabinetry. I've been going through his profile the past few months looking at projects his company has made. Hopefully he'll be able to indulge my whims haha. 

Update: dining table is delayed. Arggghhhh...

Happy new week everyone!

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