Monday, February 1, 2016

Blowing the Whistle

Every so often I find myself in a a very sticky situation where I uncover wrongdoing. My Dad was the same and growing up I saw him wrestle through those situations where he had to blow the whistle. He taught me though that one has to always do the right thing.

I really struggle whenever I face sticky situations. The issues I faced often tore me between doing the right thing or salvaging a friendship. I experience sleepless nights when I encounter situations like this (thankfully it's been quite few). My Dad's advise though always come into mind, "Do what is right." And as much as it hurts I do it even though I'm inconsolable with pats on the back that I did the right thing.

And that's probably why I've made enemies along the way. This unbending rule that my Dad instilled in me just doesn't allow my conscience to look the other way when there is something wrong. My Mom always joked that we wouldn't make good politicians (or police for that matter) because we'd be killed in an instant. I remember once my brother and I had to celebrate Christmas far from home because of death threats made to our family (I actually received one of those calls).

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I couldn't write because I was grieving for the loss of a friend to over ambition. It was one of those sticky situations I faced awhile ago. What's really sad though is I've been painted as the bad guy even though I wasn't the one making the wrong decisions. I am glad though that I have friends who reminded me that there are many other things (and people) I should focus my time on instead of grieving over an overly ambitious person.

And I remember Titay once again and how she did not back down from a guy who stole the taxi she and my Mom were going to get on in Divisoria. Titay always had the tenacity to fight for what was right. Military-like genes run through our blood.

I am not sorry I blew the whistle and I don't care if I'm hated for it. I learned a valuable lesson though and that's to be mindful of the motives of other people. I like to believe that people always have the best of intentions, but oftentimes I forget that this is not true for everyone. Such is life, you win some. You lose some. 

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