Thursday, January 15, 2015

Missing the Papal Visit

I'm going to miss the Papal visit :(

Half my lifetime ago I managed to be part of World Youth Day in 1995. Just like the many other students and participants I stayed in Luneta, slept on Roxas Boulevard so I could hear mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II. I didn't really expect to see him, but I did since he went around in his Pope mobile. When I saw him I felt really loved and there was just unexplicable joy from within. I remember smiling and crying at the same time. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Much as I would love to see Pope Francis during his visit in Manila my body now isn't what it used to be. Five minutes under the sun I would melt like Olaf and would suffer heatstroke. I had to also go back to work (in Singapore), so at best I've just been praying for the success of the Pope's visit and for his safety and the safety of everyone going.

Welcome to the Philippines dear Pope Francis! I hope someday I would have the chance to get a tiny glimpse of you, maybe in Rome if I manage to save up for it (and hopefully bring my Mom who wants to go there).

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