Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pappabalo at the National Trade Fair

Pappabalo according to National Trade Fair committee means "thanksgiving as a tribute to bountiful harvest and agricultural roots". This is the theme of the National Trade Fair this year which celebrates also Cagayan Valley's Scarecrow Festival. It's actually my first time to hear that Cagayan Valley region celebrates scarecrows and I think it's an interesting aspect of our culture to showcase at the National Trade Fair.

I still see scarecrows around the country when I travel, but the scarecrows at the National Trade Fair were quite cute! Here's one made out of sugar:

And here's a couple I saw around the hall:

I was rushing out and forgot to take a photo of the giant scarecrow! Anyway, the National Trade Fair is still ongoing tomorrow! Don't forget to bring money since there's quite a lot of interesting Filipino made products at the retail area. I got myself a cute pair of sandals for just PhP450 (and you can make tawad!).


  1. I love the scarecrows, they don't scare me! Hahaha, they're cute actually.

  2. Hi! I love your cute sandals very Filipino and OHHH SO FAB! :) NTF really showcase a lot of good stuffs :)

  3. i love my scarecrow :) it was so bloody making it into 10 meter high :P