Monday, March 28, 2011

High School Graduation

We've reached another milestone!

Last Saturday was Miguel's high school graduation and I've been so ecstatic about it the past few weeks! I couldn't wait to get home from Singapore because he told me just before I left that he was receiving several awards - Special Award in Computer; Special Award in Science and a Merit Award. All I could say when he told me was, "Wow! Congratulations!" And I've been smiling since Tuesday evening because I'm so proud of Miguel's accomplishments!

Grade School and High School graduation.

It just seems like yesterday when Miguel graduated from grade school and so much has happened in the past four years and I am just really thankful for all the support from my family and friends and blessings from God. We finished high school with flying colors! I know Miguel's really talented and intelligent and I never had to prod him to study and I never demanded for high marks. Just like my parents I just told him to enjoy his studies and his "A" marks would get paid (by me and his grandparents also bought high marks).

Miguel's teachers since his grade school days said that he's very quiet in class. I always told them that he's just being observant and obedient. He's actually a chatterbox at home and shares so many things! Year-in, year-out I've had to explain to his homeroom adviser that he's intellectually advanced and more comfortable talking to elders. And once I had to write a letter to his math teacher to explain why he managed to compute the "remainder" in his division exam (this was in grade school) and that he didn't need a calculator to do it (it was my fault since I gave him some advanced lessons).

We had our ups and downs, but Miguel and I, we've been partners since he was born and we've gone through everything as a team with our family, friends and God. This is a huge milestone for us and one that I did not expect to pass with flying colors!

Congratulations Miguel! Pretty soon you're going to be a La Sallian like me! And as we said in our letter -- we'll always be here for you!

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