Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This video made me cry -

The video shares a story of a 15-year old boy, bullied all his life. He snaps one day and fights back and he was lucky because it was captured on video. He's lucky because he was much bigger than the bully and it showed that he was exercising full tolerance. Without the video he would've probably been blamed as the bully.

My heart goes out to Casey since I was bullied when I was a kid (some people still try to up to now) and my son was bullied too. I looked really different when I was a kid. I stood out since I was so white and my hair was not black. My classmates would tease me that my Dad was Redford White (may he rest in peace). I was also small and stick thin. I never fought back and I would just cry. To rectify things I would stay under the sun as long as I could so I'd get a tan (never worked haha) and well, thank God, I had a growth spurt in fifth grade so I wasn't tiny anymore.

I was terribly shy and for some strange reason I also got bamboozled to do things I didn't want to do. I was glad to go off to college because I just left everything behind in high school. I was lucky though because I had a lot of support in my community and that's where I managed to shine and the confidence I got helped me go through college and be where I am today. I did experience getting bullied at previous jobs. It came to a point I almost lost myself because of the boszilla, but eventually I stood up for myself and tearfully told the big boss he should just let me go. I never looked back.

Casey reminds me of myself and my kid. My son experienced the same in school because he's pretty advanced intellectually. I had to explain to his teachers that they shouldn't treat all kids the same way and not box them into tiny neat categories. I told my kid if anyone bullies him he should just punch them in the nose if they're too much already (hehehe). He has more tolerance than me and I guess he managed it well because they've been off his case. And well I told him, "Geeks rule!"


  1. my dads advice was: as long as the other party lands the first physical contact, im free to beat them up any way I like.

    i think it had some logic to it, he who casts the first stone is lawfully liable in court (or at least the schools discipline office) hahaha.

  2. Glad he was tolerant and did not fight back immediately since the bully was thinner. At first I thought he was the bully when I saw the video.
    Don't know how some kids become bullies. Is it because of the parents? Or their peers? Or they just want attention that home doesn't give? *sigh*

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Most bullies have very low self-esteem so they have this need to feel superior by bullying somebody who is smaller, physically weaker or different.

  4. this video almost made me cry. I hope this vid serves as a lesson to all the bullies out there. And I have observed that most of the time the big and healthy kids are the victims of bullying and it always happens in schools. I hope schools are able to do something about it because this is really serious. I am happy that Casey was able to stood up for himself.

    ♥hugs and be safe♥