Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You!

There is much to be thankful for. Every single day we get a lot of blessings and counting them is my secret weapon whenever I am in a rut, miserable or having a blah day. And I read somewhere in Twitter last week that one of things you should do to be happy is not complain. I definitely agree with that.

Instead of grumbling about having work on a holiday, be thankful that you have work.

Instead of complaining about heavy traffic, be thankful that you are safe and sound in your mode of transportation and not mangled in a hospital.

Instead of being mad at your Mom for not allowing you to go out on a trip, be thankful that you have a Mom who cares about you.

Instead of wanting money to buy expensive things, be thankful that you can live simply.

Be content and be thankful about everything you have. So how do you spread the sweetness of gratitude? Say thank you to your loved ones creatively by posting a photo in your blog/social networking site. Let me know about it by leaving a comment below with the URL to your post. I will then choose 5 readers who'll get Toblerone TY kits. You have until October 16 to submit your entries. Complete mechanics can be found here. (For GMA residents only.)

Here's what I did two years ago for the Toblerone Thank You Day.

Must have chocolates! Sali na! Nomnomnomnom.


  1. Great and inspiring post!

  2. Nice TY post, Ms. Aileen! Good morning!

  3. here's mine:

    Dianne Pena