Saturday, September 12, 2009

Signs of Old Age

1. You can't stay up as late as you used to. No more pa-morningans!

2. You begin to have back pains, leg pains, allergies, joint pains and ailments you did not use to have.

3. You have to control what you eat. No more cardiac delights!

4. You start disliking hang-overs and so you control your alcohol intake or forego it.

5. You prefer coffee dates/gimmicks rather than disco/bar dates/gimmicks.

6. You become forgetful. You don't recall the name of the person you met just a minute after meeting him.

7. You get shocked with what kids do nowadays.

8. You become a selective buyer. Since you are a little older, now you have more moolah!

9. You have finally learned how to save!

10. Because you have become forgetful, now you put everything in a calendar.


  1. as much as i'd like to deny most of them... it's true... sigh. but don't worry, we can always be young at heart for life :D weeee !!!!

  2. waaaah!!!!! ako din! ganyan na rin ako! huhuhu.

  3. omg, talaga naman...ganyan din ako, natawa daw ako tungkol sa calendar, oo nga tumatanda na talaga...