Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's been 36 hours since I saw my 12-year old TV plunge into the murky flood water. It's a very old TV, but I saved up for that from my first job. Everything in my basement I worked hard for and as much as possible I only replace things when they cannot be repaired anymore.

I couldn't sleep last night. I would doze off but I kept waking up. I guess I was scared that the flood might come rushing back. Morning came and I was awakened by birds chirping outside my window. It was a new day. I headed to the basement with my flashlight to survey the damage. Everything was wet. There was mud all over the place and all the cabinets were overturned.

The flood I experienced last July 16 was nothing compared to what happened yesterday. This was the worst we've experienced. The firewall between us and our neighbor gave way. Things were just really unbelievable. And I'm sure we are still very lucky. And I'm still very lucky I have a roof over my head.

At the basement I just got scoured the floor for what little jewelry I have, retrieved some important documents, looked for a pair of sandals I can wear for my lecture on Tuesday, found my new eyeglasses (buo pa siya!), got some pens (hope they are still working), and was happy to find my headband collection intact. Washed everything in the bathroom and put them in a small basket. And that's what I salvaged. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of all the books that got wet and have them on my Christmas wish-list. (89 days before Christmas!) :)

I also just wanted to thank everyone who checked on me today. Survivor po ito, so don't worry much. The show must go on!

And, yes Dr. Match, I will drink vitamin C :)

God bless everyone!


  1. Yes, Ai, this too shall pass. With God's grace, you can rebuild everything. Take care! :)

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Aileen. May the Lord bless you as you rebuild your home.

  3. wooot! that 12-year old TV is really priceless. Pwede pa yan patuyuin ate aileen. It should still work. Kahit nabasa basta patuyuin mo lang ng mabuti bago mo e on. :)

    Buti nalang safe po you ate aileen. ^___^

  4. That has sentimental value,that's really a disaster.Let's rebuild.

  5. kaya mo yan aileen...God bless you and your family..