Monday, September 21, 2009

Wordpress and Firefox Guys Eat Balut!

I've been horrendously busy the past few weeks and haven't had much time to blog. I've been to Bacolod and Singapore, did important wedding stuff and started working on my parents golden wedding anniversary, just in the past week. And my friends have been scolding me about my weight. Guys, don't worry, I actually gained a few pounds while I was in Singapore (thanks to my special fatten-me-up coach, Hanson).

Anyway, I'm thankful I managed to meet-up with my Davao-based friends who organized Wordcamp Manila. We had a cardiac delight feast at Whistlestop because they had foreign guests from Wordpress and Firefox.

I wasn't seated near Beau (Wordpress) and Seth (Firefox) so it was Jeff, Markku, Blogie and Jayvee, who entertained them. I was chuckling when I heard Markku tell them that they all had to go through an initiation. They had to prove their manhood by eating balut! The guys then went on to describe in the most gory manner that balut is a day-old chick.

Anyway, find out in this video if Beau and Seth passed -

*Sorry for the misspelling of names in the video. I was given the wrong info :)

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