Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because Breaking Up is Hard to Do

(Note: I started this post last May 18, 2009.)

Yesterday the Gospel was all about LOVE! Yes, love, wonderful love! And the guest priest focused on 2 things: selfish love vs. sacrificial love. And it got me thinking about my past relationships and the plight of some of my girl friends now.

I know only one person in this whole wide world who never experienced a break-up (well not that I know of) and that's my Mom coz she's been with my Dad since she was 16! And they're celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary a few months from now (that's why I'm going bonkers over preparing for 2 weddings). And most of my friends (except the ones who are NBSB*) have experienced heartbreak one way or another.

And that's why I take back what I said that I will be forever 25. I'd rather be 30.


Because at 25 I didn't know what a good man is. At that age I thought that being miserable in a relationship was better than not being with the one you love. I thought that sacrificing your happiness was being a martyr for the one you love. I thought that not doing the things you want because your partner says so will keep your relationship intact. I thought that when your boyfriend tells you he doesn't love you it's okay as long as he is still around. I thought that it was sweet if your boyfriend checks with the guard what time you left the office and who you rode the elevator with. I thought that agreeing to something you don't really want to do would spell forever.

I thought. I thought. I thought.

Well, I was really stupid and being stupid ate a huge chunk of my life. Eventually I realized I wasn't happy anymore. I was miserable because I was in a miserable relationship. It was then that I realized that I wasn't the person I used to be. It took a long time, but I eventually found the courage to break things off.

I'm thankful though that I never gave up on love. The most important thing I realized though is something my Mom kept telling me since I was a kid, "Find someone with the same values you have." It took me a long time (and more toads) before I understood what she said and I can meaningfully say that I am so glad that I waited for the right one.

Don't settle!

*NBSB - no boyfriend since birth


  1. spoken like a true lover! i share your sentiments, my friend.

  2. hayy, this post is so timely. I have recently met someone who shares the same values as I do and hopefully this one will work out.

    It also made me remember this French short film. Title is I'll wait for the next one. It almost four minute long, but every second is worth watching. Here's the link

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    thank you for this post. =)