Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Choice for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008

I've been having a difficult time choosing my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008, I'm just about half-way coz I just realized that some of my other choices did not meet the cut-off. So I'll probably update this post as soon as I find others I'd want to include in this writing project.

1. You Got Tech - this is a shameless inclusion! LOL. But I know that this project is something that would help non-techies become techie too.

2. Food Blog for Hungry Bachelors - I've been enthralled with the posts the guys have been making! Reading it was easier though and more friendly when they had it on Blogger.

3. Conrad Miguel - I met him when I was at the Davao F.A.T. last March and I must say that this kid is going to go a long way just like Winston.

4. Bloggers Da Who - it's a fun read, though I hope the blogger can post consistently :)

5. Manila Foodistas - great reviews and posts about dining in Manila.

6. Eye in the Sky - the posts make me feel like I'm traveling too.


After careful review I have finally managed to complete my list. Here it is:

7. Fritzified - a witty blogger and a mobile phone photography-fanatic, check out his Plurks too!

8. General - is the "idiot's guide to GenSan". There's really much to discover about the 7,100+ islands in our country and I'd definitely love to go back to GenSan.

9. Davao Deli - I have been very vocal about how I love Davao and their food! Blogie provides great write-ups about Davao's yummy food nooks.

10. Blasted Brains of Billy Coy - I was gunning to include a blog written in Filipino but he did not make the cut-off date so I looked for another blog written in Filipino that's easy to read. Billy Coy's quite entertaining and very Pinoy!


Since Billy Coy's disqualified, I'm replacing him with Migs Mobile - everything and anything mobile! Migs is one blogger who's really passionate about this blog coz he really does a lot of research for his posts =)


  1. thankyou soo much for voting for us! ♥

    joey of manila foodistas :)

  2. Mam Aileen,
    please shop at sm hypermarket sucat family day on July 4,2008. thanks,
    ms. loida

  3. hi aileen,

    you might want to fill up one of the two vacant slots in your Top 10 by considering me... YEHEY!!! :)

    My link is at

    Para naman may manalong taga-Soccsksargen, di ba? Hehehe.

    HOpe to see you here for the MBS2. You're one of the speakers. :)

    See yah! Mwah!

  4. Hi Ate Aileen.

    Salamat sa pagnominate sa akin. Weeeeeeeeee, sayang di ako nakapunta sa Coke event, nilagnat ako bigla. Ooops, di pala ako makaattend ng Ponds event kasi may Concert for the freshies ngayon. :(

    See 'ya around on the next events.

  5. If I were to vote, my inclination is towards "eye in the sky". It's an Allan Parson's Project song that I like too, but I like the postings also. Manila Foodistas is the close second. Now you added more blogs for me to read in the morning, not to mention synch the sites on my palm. Thank you for the links

  6. hi! i am a filipina stay-at-home mommy. i left my work to be with my kids. i do blogging for a living. by the way, check out my main blog at and the community (not a blog) that i put-up for filipina mother's worldwide - if you think i qualify to complete your list, i would be very happy. thank you very much.

  7. please do check out my blog ate aileen if it deserves to complete your list...

  8. Hey, thanks for being shortlisted in your choice for the "Top Emerging Influencial Blogs". It's flattering to just be cited. You seem to have an immense following. Congratulations. More power.

  9. Hi Aileen. 4 more blogs for your entry to be included in the masterlist. Kindly advise should you update. Cheers!

  10. Hi Aileen. It seems Billycoy is a continuation of its previous blog (in another host before).

  11. thanks kaso di na pala ako pwede. i'm flattered coz you included me in the list, knowing it's coming from THE Aileen Apolo. THANKS!!!

  12. Hi Aileen. This is to mark your entry as complete. See you on August 11. Thank you!

  13. Hello :) I hope to see you at Bloggers EB on Monday... Hehe :)