Sunday, July 27, 2008

High School Live Oh My High School Life!

My high school life could be described with the following keywords (and some thoughts about it):

blue and white uniform (donated all of it during graduation)
tin-grin button pin (always had it pinned on my uniform)
C.A.T. (arggghhh! hated it!)
physics, geometry, biology (still a mystery to me!)
spaghetti (my daily grub)

I haven't seen most of my high school classmates though. I still hang-out though with my high school barkada, but haven't seen my other classmates for the longest time. The opportunity presented itself when my forever lab-partner called me up to remind me to show up for lunch since our student council president (and class president) was arriving from the US.

We were a small group, but it was definitely fun to see my classmates again. So many things do happen after high school and we couldn't help but kid each other with the question, "What happens to the student council president after high school?" Hehehe... that question was answered during lunch and if you're from 4A, sorry na lang amiga absent ka eh!

Here's the small group of Kulasas (and an import from college and SOs) who had lunch at Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen:

And here's a glimpse of the dessert we had:

See more of the sumptuous meal we had over at Lakwatsera Ako.


  1. I'm adding you to my Google Reader! :)


  2. hat did Sharon Cuneta say in her song? High school life, oh, high school life, so exciting, kay ganda...yup, bonding with high school friends brings back fond memories, masaya!