Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beauty at Taste Asia (the Pond's Party)

Ask me about beauty stuff and you'll surely get me stressed out. LOL. I've never been to the derma in my whole life and I think I fear going to one more than going to the dentist. I just wash my face before I sleep, drink lots of water and I honestly just put on moisturizer whenever I go out. And our friends from Pond's were promptly shocked when I said this.

I was quite happy that Pond's offered to host a party for bloggers. It definitely shows that big brands are already willing to experiment with doing more online stuff (so let's help them guys ha). Pond's is quite a niche market and geared more towards women and I was quite surprised that a lot of girl bloggers actually turned up at the party last night.

I was enthralled with how they managed to transform Taste Asia. From orange it became very pink! And despite the rains a lot of people still turned up and a number of newbie bloggers from far, far away also came.

There was a number of games! And the star of the night was Poyt! Here's the debut of her singing career -

Also get a chance to win an iPhone! Join the Pond's beauty blog contest. More details at the SM Hypermarket blog. (I wonder if I can join? I actually tried out the cream they gave out last night! Teehee).

We capped the event by having cozy fun at Starbucks.

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  1. Hi Aileen. That was a very successful party. Thanks.

    Please include in your list my two blog posts:

    My Other Thoughts


    Think Of Me!

    Thanks again.

  2. Its a girl party kaya dun na lang ako nag-enjoy sa champagne at wine nila hehehe. (i did get tipsy lol) Daming byuti grabehh! Thanks for the invites Aileen. Sana next time for the boys naman yung party! FRENZY perhaps? lol

  3. Hi, Aileen!

    Here's my post about the event:

    I had fun! :) Hoping for more blogger meets and events!

  4. Hi Aileen! I have an entry at yay!

  5. hello, ms. aileen! t'was really fun!

  6. I was there... it was totally Astig!! Sayang ma and my friend weren't able to try the skin testing thingy =P haba pila eh!!

    Here's my post regarding the eventful event =D

    Thanks for organizing such an event.

  7. thanks for the pics. great night!!! had lots of fun hehe.. next event ulit. see yah! :)

  8. Hi Aileen! Been to the party. Please add me to the link. Thanks!!

  9. i also have an entry:

    my friends and i had a great time. thanks Ms. Aileen for another awesome event and for granting our request to have our photo taken with you. :)

  10. Hi Aileen, this is quite late but here is my post...

    Ponds : A Taste of Beauty Blog Event

    It's really nice to have a venue /event where bloggers can meet. You are such a darling sis...

  11. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Hi Aileen. It was really nice meeting you at the event. :) More power to Google Philippines.

    Oh, I've made a post about the event here..

    And pictures here..