Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've shared before that I had been wanting to learn how to edit videos and after doing some experiments and getting the push and support from friends I created Eventually I started to experiment doing video blogs for my travel experiences and have since done a number of other studies.

I also organized a small workshop for vloggers (and wanna-be vloggers) with Buddy Gancenia and attended the CBTL workshop on video blogging. It was really helpful since they gave a lot of techniques and ideas on how to create videos. What's great though about video blogging is you're quite free to do stuff on your own since at the end of the day it's the number of views you get on your video that would dictate if your work is relevant, entertaining or boring.

For me though it's just about having fun and learning new things.

So one day I got curious and checked if the domain was available. It was! So I got it without knowing what I was going to do with it. It was my good friend, Andrew, who brought up the idea of creating a community site for Filipino video bloggers and we've been collaborating the past few weeks about it. If you're a video blogger (whether you have a blog with videos or just a video channel) then you might want to join us, but if you just love watching videos then maybe you can come over and see what Filipino video bloggers are up to.!

Many exciting activities for Filipino video bloggers are happening! If you're a vlogger or maybe want to become one then maybe you can join these contests to jump start your vlogging career -

1. Buhay Coke

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

3. Google has one too! Check out this video -

I'd like to issue a challenge though to the following video bloggers and wanna-be video bloggers to join these contests!

Cokskiblue, Poyt, Juned, Marcelle, Micamyx, Noemi, Jeric, Ria, Winston, Jehz, Azrael, Fritz and

Youtube Pinoy superstars -

Komikero, Trebornoican, Jaywalkur, Mhelpogi and MoymoyPalaboy.

Ano na? Dali! Mag-vlog ka na!
I'm sure it's the next big thing!


  1. I already have my materials for my CBTL but I still have to brainwash my cousins for the Coke video. :D

  2. support nalang ako kay Mica.. hahaha :D Go go MICA!

  3. sali ko dyan!!!

    video of cake hahaha