Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank You (Toblerone)

Last night after attending the DOT bloggers briefing I shimmied over to Duty Free to check out Toblerone's Thank You Day launch for the Global Pinoy. I thought I'd just stay for a few minutes, get some Toblerone and then head home.


As I walked towards the event area I heard a familiar voice. They were singing a True Faith song. I told myself that I wish it was Medwin Marfil of True Faith singing because they are my most favorite Filipino band. I immediately walked towards the stage and lo and behold it was indeed True Faith! I must have stood immobile for a few minutes (fan girl mode!) until I managed to tear myself away to look for Juned. Haha.

Anyway, so the celebration at Duty Free last night was to thank the Global Pinoy who continue to sacrifice for their families.  And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those Pinoys who have sacrificed being away from their families just to be able to provide better lives for them. I do hope and pray that you can come home soon.

And thank you Toblerone and GMCI for getting True Faith! Haha. You definitely made me smile last night. (Sorry Medwin, I was on fan girl mode. Can't help it since I've been your fan for about 15 years now! Haha.)

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  1. He's gotten a lot slimmer since I last saw him in a Nescafe commercial. Hardly able to recognize him.