Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day at my Alma Mater

Last Saturday I was once again forced to wake up early since we had to attend a parent-teacher forum at Miguel's school (which is also my alma mater). Anyway, after attending the forum Sweetie and I had to wait for Miguel to finish a meeting so I got the chance to take some photos of my favorite spots in campus.

The college canteen.

My favorite spot at the college canteen. I used to hang-out here every morning to eat spaketchup for breakfast. 

Eventually when I joined the Malate Literary Folio I hung-out at the publications office, so I always passed the bookstore everyday. The cashier during my time is still the same cashier. She still  ecognizes me sometimes.

This is behind the SPS building (Bro. Connon Hall). It wasn't there before, but I always passed by this area everyday.

The DLSU Chapel, a sanctuary for me.

This building wasn't around yet before. This was where the college gym was located.

St. La Salle Building. I used to have a lot of classes here. Also had some classes here when I was taking my MBA. One fond memory during course card distribution day was Rico Yan excitedly telling me that he was set to graduate already. He was inviting me to join him for lunch at the faculty room because he was bringing KFC fried chicken. That was the last time I saw him alive :(

Time flies so fast and now my kid's enrolled in the same school where I got my degrees. I'm getting old! Oh noes!

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