Monday, February 28, 2011

40 Days Without Dad

It's been 40 days since my Dad passed away and the oldies say that we should celebrate it like a birthday party. The party is likely to happen at my Kuya's home (he's in Jakarta) because that's where my Mom is right now. I've requested for masses for Dad here in our Parish and I'll just prepare a yummy dinner for the boys later.

I thought I'd celebrate this day by remembering some important lessons I learned from my Dad.

On being stubborn. My brother-in-law says that we're a stubborn lot. My Dad's very stubborn too. When he's mind is set on something, nothing can really change his mind. I am the same, but I learned something when I was young -- sometimes you need to listen to reason. Read my funniest childhood memory to understand.

On curiosity. Ang batang malikot, nakakadampot ng ipot. When I was a kid I'd poke on anything that catches my attention. I learned to be very observant first before grabbing whatever caught my fancy. I learned that lesson because I literally poked on chicken poop. (It was really shiny and I thought it was a really nice stone!).

(That's me when I was a baby. A lot of people say that I look more like my Dad than my Mom. Even Picasa thinks so because it sorts me with my Dad's photos!)

On heartaches. My Dad was never emo. He thought that dwelling on emo stuff was a waste of time and he'd prod me to work harder instead. It works for me and I guess that's the reason why the past 40 days have really been exhausting (and productive).

On loving. My Dad's love for my Mom is a testament that true love exists. One of his college friends from the Ateneo said, "You're Dad is so mabait. Walang bisyo, never nambabae, kaya ayan nauna na siya sa amin!" That's when I understood why my Dad was always home before sunset. His priority was our family and he was always there for us.

(I remember this photo very well. I usually play this game with my Dad -- hide Daddy's slippers! I loved the sea and it was really difficult to get me out of the water, but my Dad always stayed with me.)

In my work uniform here with Dad. My Dad likes to have his photo taken, 
so we have a number of similar photos hehehe.  

On writing. It was my Mom who started me on writing, but it's my Dad who's the writer in our family. He can churn out more articles than me (and handwritten!). My Dad also showed so much interest in my writing. I remember catching him read my diary and some of my school projects! (And that's why my diary turned electronic haha). I hope to be able to write a book like my Dad someday.

On cooking. It was hard to be Dad's cooking apprentice. He never measured anything! It's like he had magical hands because anything he cooked tasted really good. He just told me to be generous with salt, pepper, garlic and onions.

We both had parties to go to when we had this photo taken. He just
decided to stop dye-ing his hair. It's his "Moses look" haha.

On your mission. My Dad said that each one of us have our own mission here on earth. In his last days my Dad mentioned that his mission has been completed and he has turned everything over to Mama Mary. We don't know exactly what he meant, but my Dad fought for the life of the unborn child. He made a paper on it that was submitted by the Knights of Columbus to CBCP (details are in his book). It's really amazing to see that the projects my Dad did when he lived helped a lot of people and I hope to be the same too.

I miss you Dad, but I know someday we'll be together again.


  1. I am sure that your Dad is looking at you right now with so much happiness.. :)

    God Bless you and I'll include him in my prayers =)


  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    You look so much like your Dad. You seem like Dad's daughter and he seemed like a wonderful man.

  3. This is such a genuine and heartwarming post. I'm sorry for your loss.

    I've never been real close to my dad but I've always fervently admired him (nainggit siguro ako sa pic mo with him where he's got his arms wrapped around you). This post makes me want to hug my dad right now and tell him how much i want us to be close.